“Out of the Shadows” Immigration Speak Out Tonight

UPDATED Immigration Speak Out poster (1)

In line with Manifesta’s activist mission and the intersectionality of our social justice aims, Manifesta is co-sponsoring tonight’s Act on a DREAM speak out in support of the undocumented student community at Harvard and comprehensive immigration reform. 


This Saturday April 27th at 5:30pm, the student advocacy group Act on a DREAM at Harvard College will be rallying on the Memorial Church steps to bring awareness to the undocumented student community at Harvard College in an Immigration Speak Out called “Out of the Shadows.”

The purpose of the speak out is to share the stories of undocumented students at Harvard and to collect signatures for the passage of a fair and humane comprehensive immigration reform bill.

The Immigration Speak out will be the culmination of an image campaign on Harvard College’s campus for which Act on a Dream has placed various images of students with the caption, “I could be undocumented,” highlighting the diversity among the undocumented student population. Renowned law professor Deborah Anker of Harvard Law School will speak on the importance of immigration reform along with various other speakers from the Harvard and Boston community. Following these speakers, Act on a Dream members and undocumented students at the college will share the stories and struggles of undocumented students at Harvard. This Speak-Out will have a special emphasis on the contributions of the parents of these students, the “Original DREAMERS.”

This event will mark an important moment for the undocumented Harvard community and will hopefully bring attention to aspects of Comprehensive Immigration Reform that has not been given enough attention by politicians or the media. Act on a Dream hopes to collect signatures from students and spectators to advocate for the passage of a fair and humane Comprehensive Immigration Reform bill, which will then be sent to legislators in Washington, D.C.

Act on a DREAM at Harvard College, a student organization dedicated to engaging youth in ensuring equality for all immigrants, is proud to host this historic event which will hopefully bring the reality of being an immigrant out of the shadows and bring Comprehensive Immigration Reform into the light.

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