Fighting a Low Libido

By Elizabeth Morris

Dear Manifesta readers,

So many women and men all over the world are affected by a low libido or sex drive. It’s a fact that more women than men have the issue, but the good news is that a low libido can be helped so all is not lost! A low sex drive can really impact a person in terms of so many things: it can affect their relationship with their partner and miscommunication can cause a partner to believe that the problem is due to a lack of desire and it can of course have a devastating impact on one’s own self-esteem and confidence. Expressing yourself through sex is a fantastic outlet and allows you to feel a sense of liberation which in itself will ease the stresses and strains of daily life. The key point is that a person should not ignore the problem of a lower libido. There are many ways that it can be improved and the video  from our friends at Carvaka outlines some natural ways to tackle it. Of course there is also the option to seek medical help but you should always try the more natural ways first before seeking medical intervention. The bonus with some of the “natural” ways of fighting a low libido is that they can inject a real sense of fun back into a relationship which might have also been missing. It’s important not to blame yourself for issues with libido but to act and do something about them. Sex is a fantastic expression of your adoration for your partner so if a low libido is a problem that’s getting you down, now is the time to act.

Good luck!



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